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Get to Know Chris

We sat down with Christopher McKenna, President/CEO, to talk about his career in financial services and his tenure at CAP COM.

Tell us about your leadership positions at CAP COM.
I served as Executive Vice President on CAP COM’s leadership team until I become President/CEO. Prior to this, I headed up CAP COM’s lending division. As a mortgage officer myself, I’ve seen how providing phenomenal, personalized service transforms lives.

How did you get your start?
I grew up in Peekskill, NY and went to the University at Albany. After graduating, I worked in NYC, then returned to Albany to continue my career.

What did you do before coming to CAP COM?
I’ve been active in financial services since 1990. Before I came to CAP COM, I was a 50% owner in a mortgage company that served credit union members across NY and FL.

What happened next?
Fast forward to 2010: CAP COM acquired the company. Since its inception, the group has originated more than $2.5 billion in mortgages and has a servicing portfolio of $1.5 billion.

Those are big numbers.
Yes, that’s a lot of happy homeowners. We’re now the fourth largest residential mortgage provider in the Capital Region.

Could you share a challenge you faced in your career?
We came through the housing crash of 2008, but thousands of other mortgage lenders did not survive. Keeping the lights on was incredibly stressful. Even so, we made sure every employee stayed on the payroll through the recession. This required major sacrifices, many of which were personal. I’m lucky to be surrounded by such strong co-workers and family. Our belief in each other made us all stronger.

What inspires you as a leader?
The people we serve are my ultimate source of inspiration. Members motivate us to do more and we must keep reaching higher.

How will you approach your new role?
I’m committed to keeping service central to everything we do. That goes for CAP COM members, collaboration among employees, and community outreach.

What’s next?
We believe banking should be an easy and enjoyable experience. The perfect blend of high-touch human interaction and technology can help us tailor services for each member. I look forward to exploring new ways to advocate for everyone we serve!