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Key to Happiness?

Kindness works wonders.

Did you know that when you help one person, at least two people benefit? Donating time, money, and wish-list items can help a person in need while elevating your personal happiness.

According to research from UC Berkeley and the American Psychological Association Journal, people who give to others experience better mental and physical health – and heightened positive emotions that linger.

If you’d like to commit to making a difference, here are some ideas.

Visit www.volunteermatch.org to search for local ways to help, including virtual opportunities. You can also support outreach via the CAP COM Cares Foundation.

Respond to the specific needs of local charities. While monetary gifts sustain nonprofits, hard-to-find supplies, hygiene items, nonperishable foods, and volunteer support are also in demand.

Offer your skills or creative talents to organizations in your community. Are you a notary, web designer, or lawyer? Do you enjoy working with your hands and building things?

Encourage a healthcare worker by leaving a supportive voice message on the Health Hero Hotline at (877) 226-HERO. Do you work in healthcare or simply need a bright spot in your day? Listen to the messages at www.healthherohotline.com.


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