Together, we're Broadview

We’re building Broadview for you by combining the best of two leading credit unions, SEFCU and CAP COM. Our longstanding legacy of service to members and our community are guiding us toward a bright future!

We're on track make the transition as seamless as possible as we integrate operations for all members by the spring of 2024. Read a message from CEO, Michael Castellana, about the progress we're making. You can read the full Progress Update mailed to members for details.

There is nothing you need to do. Keep banking with the same:

  • Financial services and website at
  • Digital banking app and online banking
  • Branches, hours, phone numbers, and familiar people
  • Basic transactions at any SEFCU-Broadview branch
  • Credit cards, debit cards, and checks

Meanwhile, you’ll notice the Broadview name change and logo begin appearing in former SEFCU branches and online services in the spring of 2023.

Updates are scheduled for CAP COM and its subsidiaries within the next year. A phased approach enables us to manage the technical aspects of the merger and ease the way for members.

Broadview serves nearly 500,000 members and employs 1,400 people living in the communities we serve. Our branches extend from the Capital Region through Central New York and the Southern Tier, all the way to Buffalo. We are now among the largest credit unions in New York – and in the top 30 in the U.S.

We look forward to doing more – with more – for you!

Remember, you can…

Perform basic transactions at any of our 60+ branches.

  • Withdraw cash from branch ATMs without a fee
  • Make deposits, loan payments, account inquiries
  • Withdraw funds, take loan advances, transfer funds between credit union accounts
  • Review the 10 most recent account transactions or get a printout

Get paid right away!
Your Direct Deposit goes into your account as soon as we receive it on weekday mornings, even if a future pay-date is specified.

Stop a check for less.
You can stop a check or automatic withdrawal (ACH) for just $10. Compare that to $30 at big banks.

Transfer fees are at least 50% lower.
Fees for automatic transfers from savings to cover shortfalls were reduced to $1.

Affordable wire transfers.
Wire money to family and friends quickly, securely, and affordably.

Free unlimited checks.
Teller checks at branches are free. And when you re-order personal checks, standard styles are free.

No fee for returned deposited checks.
The $10 fee for returned deposited checks has been eliminated.