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CAP COM @ Work

Resources for HR Professionals, Benefits for Employees

Let us help you enhance your workplace benefits, as we support the financial wellbeing of your employees.

When your organization joins CAP COM as a Member Company, you gain access to an array of complimentary financial-literacy workshops and affordable financial services. Best of all – we come to you!

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Why Partner With CAP COM @ Work?

Free Financial Wellness Program for your employees to help them live happier, more financially secure lives.

Reduce Expenses

$2,000: The amount employers save annually with each financially healthy employee

Benefit In Demand

87% of employees want financial education, so here's a hassle-free way to deliver.

Lower the Stress

Financial problems are employees' top stress, 5 times greater than health issues.

CAP COM @ Work Benefits

How HR Gains

Say "yes" to education and we do the rest. We provide professional development for you and learning opportunities for your employees.

Free Benefits

  • HR Continuing Ed Credits
  • Financial Workshops
  • Executive Financial Outlook
  • One-on-One Support

How Employees Gain

Your employees will love the convenience of on-site and online learning events and coaches to help them manage their finances.

Free Benefits

  • Financial Checkup
  • Popular Workshops
  • Saving, Debt, Retirement
  • Personal Financial Coach

Financial Wellbeing

Bank Well, Live Well

Simplify your finances and enhance your life.
Make the most of every CAP COM benefit.

Because CAP COM is locally owned by its members, we're truly at your service. Bank where you matter most!

About Us

The financial services you expect at a big bank come with award-winning service. 136,000 of your neighbors bank here. Come on over!

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