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Honoring Individual Donors

People helping people is our mission.

The work of the CAP COM Cares Foundation comes full circle when we lock arms with our generous donors to help others in the community. We are grateful to all of those who have so generously supported our work in the community.

Thank you to our generous donors for helping us make a lasting impact in the lives of so many in our community. Nearly 200 individual donors contributed in the past year. Stay tuned for opportunities to support our work as our teams come together to form the Broadview Federal Credit Union Community Team.

Candice and John posing at the Foundation Patron event.

Philanthropist ($1,500+ per year)

Beverly Family
Lee Carman
Susan Fogarty
Jason Greco
Harold & Jane Horning
Michael Ingalsbe & Ellie Kittle-Ingalsbe
David & Donna Jurczynski
Chip & Wendy Lawrence
Lou & Christine Lecce

Chris & Ginny McKenna
Rebecca Potenza & Brian Sheldrick
Johanna Robbins
Robert & Theresa Roemer
Joan Rueckert
Kyle Rueckert
John Shartrand
Paula Stopera
Lauren Tatro

Champion ($1,200 per year)

Bob & Eileen Davis
Martin & Ann Finn
Bob & Fran O'Keefe

Sharon & Eric Phillips
Matthew & Devin Whalen

Partner ($600 per year)

Judith Atashian
Arthur Chuang
Eric Cruz
John Ericson
Joan Flanigan
Michael Galligan
Bill George
Ed & Judy Gilligan
Linda Haverly
Josh Hebert
Daniel Johnson
Patrick Kelly

Dominick Lemme
Mary Ann Marchaland
Mark Marchand & Elisa Gallaro
Kyle McKenna
Chrystal Muir
Neil Pastore
Paige Rueckert
Sharon & Eric Schneider
Lisa Sweeney
Theresa Trietiak
Melissa Volk
Jaime Kazlo Watson

Friend ($240 per year)

Steven & Cheryl Alix
Alyce Banewicz
Carlo Bileci
Gary Bliss
Jessica Brate
Jean Butensky
Graig Carbino
Karen Carpenter-Palumbo
Cody Chaszczewski
Matthew Clement
Deborah Collins-Rapp
Karen Curry
Donna Curtin
Cristina Cusano
Tara DeCell
Paul & Connie Dettenrieder
Susan Edwards
Michelle Fitch
Bill Fitzpatrick
John Flansburg
Daniel Fruscio
Graig Furlong
Janet Godfrey
Jennifer Green
Jill Hansen
Alexander Michael Heiss
Brian Hooks
Cassandra Hooley
Julie & Spencer Hughes

Jennifer Keigley
Elizabeth Lancellotti
Morgan Layh
Jon Lepel
William Maselli
Steven Massey
Corine Milby
Jodi Modder
William & Patricia Morlock
Cheryl Patack
Rosemary Planz
Ernie Plumley
Chris Preston
Willis Reed
Kim Rexford
Philip Robbins
Deb Rothaupt-Albert
Shane Shoemaker
Michael Shoen
Gail Smith
Tom & Kelly Smith
Candace Stazio
Michele Sweeney
Lisa Totaro
Brian Tramontano
Mary Beth Webster
Alyson Willsie
Michael Wiseman
David Yule

Supporter ($120 per year)

Melissa Alexander
Dan Alix
Maryam Allington
Megan Andersen
Philip Barrett
Stacey Barss
Robert Bascom-Cohane
Diane Bennett
Jennifer Bethon
Lou Anne Bigaouette
Heidi Bilicki
Alex Blizinski
Cindy Boivin
Barbara Borter
Danielle Bradt
Cindy Brown
Mary Brummagyn
Michele Burke
Patricia Caputo
Danielle Carusone
Noreen Connor
Elvira & Ron Conti
Eugene Corcione
Theresa Corlew
Krista Currie
Christopher D'Ambro
Ryan Dare
Peggy DeJohn
Kim Donah
Caitlin Duma
Nancy Durivage
Amy English
James Faranda
Jacob Fascia
Cathy Fiacco
Christopher Foundas
Sarah Fox-Smith
Kate Fruscione
Devin Fucci

Leah Gapp
Margarita Gonzalez
Shelby Goyette
Heather Hill
Candice Hunt
Toi Jones-McCowan
Kim Kane
Autumn Kelly
Michele Kollmer
Elaine Koplik
Donna Korkus
Jillienne Krause
Carla Leto
Robin Longo
Adam Lougee
Louis Mannarino
Gabby Manny-Westlin
David Meyers
Zachary Miller
Nicolle Monast
Christopher Morris
Tim Ortwein
James Provost
Shane Rauh
Karen Reynolds
Michael Rourke
Barbara Rustin
Laura Scriven
Danielle Shanahan
Daniel Shannon
Jayme Shufelt
Shannon Shuhart
Theresa Silverman
Sheri Szemplinski
Ruth Teal
Barbara Valenti
Vicki Vielkind
David Washburn
William Yamrozy
Colleen Yankowski

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