Fresh Look

We can’t wait to hunt for money to add to your budget.

The goal of the Fresh Look financial review is to save you money with lower-rate loans, higher-yield savings, lower fees, or insurance offered by CAP COM vs. other providers you use.*

Why bother? A new view could add dollars to your budget! Meet with a financial associate who will look for ways to save you money.

Loan rates are low. See if you can cut expenses.

Book Your Fresh Look

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3 Ways to Meet

Discuss on the Phone

Go to a Branch

Meet via Video

Wondering if we can save you money? Find out.

“A Fresh Look appointment is a fresh start, a different approach, and a clear path to help make your goals and dreams a reality.”

- Rachel D., Member Relationship Officer, Latham Branch



*While CAP COM guarantees its associates can meet with Fresh Look participants to review their financial situation, the credit union provides no assurances that products or services that could be beneficial will be determined.