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Saving more money is a top New Year’s resolution for many of us. We’ll make it easy for you to save and also give you a chance to win one of 20 $100 cash prizes to add to your nest egg.

Tip #1 - Set Your Goal

For saving to be a success, you’ll want to start with defining your goal.

WHAT are you saving for? How much do you WANT to save? How much CAN you save? Here are some examples that can help you set your savings goals for 2020:

2020 Goal Amount Frequency
$2,020 $40.40 Weekly for 50 weeks
$1,050.40 $20.20 Weekly for 52 weeks
$525.20 $20.20 Biweekly paycheck

Tip #2 - Set Transfers to Build Savings

Your savings can grow on its own when you schedule transfers from the account where your money is deposited into your savings account.

How to schedule a transfer:

  • In online banking, select: "Move Money” then “Schedule a Transfer”
  • In your mobile app, select: “Transfers” then “Schedule” then “Schedule a Transfer.” Set your amount and frequency.

Tip #3 - Create a New Goal Account

We make it easy to save money into an account dedicated to your goal. Here’s how to create your very own Members’ Choice savings sub-account:

1 Log in to your account.

2 Under “Additional Services,” select “Add an Account.”

3 Once you reach the application screen, again click “Add an Account.”

4 Follow the prompts to supply your information and add your Members' Choice Account (Savings).

Personalize Your Account with a Nickname. When you create your Member's Choice Account (steps above), you have the opportunity to choose a nickname for it. Consider a word or two that reflects your goal such as “Vacation” or “College” or “New Computer." 

Log in now to create your customized Members' Choice Account and start the Savings Challenge. 

We're here if you need help:


*CAP COM’s 2020 Savings Challenge sweepstakes ends 02/29/20. No purchase, transaction, or account necessary to enter or win. Open only to current legal residents of the 50 United States & D.C., 18 or older as of 01/01/20. A purchase, transaction, or account will not improve the chances of winning a prize. Void where prohibited. See Official Rules.

The 2020 Savings Challenge Sweepstakes has ended. Congratulations to these winners!

  • Amanda B.
  • Jordan B.
  • Karrie Ann B.
  • Shanique C.
  • Meg D.
  • Brendan E.
  • Kelly F.
  • Clare H.
  • Marcella J.
  • Lota K.
  • Kari L.
  • Riza L.
  • Ken M.
  • Stacy M.
  • Valerie S.
  • Kristine S.
  • Waiyee S.
  • Theresa T.
  • Jean V.
  • Ian W.