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Something Premier is closer than you think

CAP COM Premier Members enjoy FREE ATMs!1

When you qualify for CAP COM's Premier relationship program, you will enjoy unlimited free ATMs worldwide - no matter where life takes you. You may be just steps away from this exclusive member relationship.

What are the eligibility requirements?1

  • Step 1: CAP COM Checking Account with Debit Card

    Request your VISA® Debit Card when you open your Checking Account online. Or, get your Debit Card the same day when you open your Account at any branch.

  • Step 2: Sign up for eStatements

    Receive your CAP COM account statements electronically to avoid fraud and paper pile up. 

  • Step 3: Active Bill Pay

    Pay at least one bill per month with the click of a button using CAP COM’s online or mobile Bill Payment service within Connect-24. Save time, stamps and money. 

  • Step 4: CAP COM VISA®, Loan or Line of Credit

    Have any loan or line-of-credit, Checking Account line-of-credit or an CAP COM VISA card.

  • Step 5: $1,000+ Average Monthly Balance2

    Set up a Certificate and add money using direct deposit. You’ll maintain your monthly balance and save for something big.


  • Phone (518) 458-8986
  • Email
Sara's Story

Hear from our members

Monday, 01 June 2015


1. ATM surcharges up to $5 and International Service Assessments incurred when using your CAP COM Debit Card will be reimbursed for CAP COM Premier Members within 24 hours of the transaction. The CAP COM Premier Program is a non-contractual courtesy and CAP COM retains the right to remove a participant from the program without prior notice. In addition, CAP COM retains the right to discontinue this program, without notice, at any time. Eligibility requirements must be maintained under a single account number in order to qualify. Your participation in the CAP COM Premier program will be assessed on a routine and ongoing basis to ensure your continued eligibility. If it is determined that you no longer meet the above requirements or your account does not remain in good standing, you will be notified as to the reason why and be provided with a period of time to meet program requirements. If you are unable to meet the program requirements within this timeframe, you will be subject to all standard ATM fees until a reassessment of your account indicates that you once again meet the program parameters.
2. Ending balances in all shares (including Regular Savings, Clubs, Checking, Money Market and Certificates) are totalled at the end of each day for the prior 30 day period. These totals are then averaged to arrive at an average daily share balance.