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3 Things to Know

From Christopher McKenna, President/CEO

February 24, 2022


We’re sharing more information, as promised, as we seek your support to create a new credit union with SEFCU. Read on for our main reason for pursuing this alliance and a couple steps that are in progress.

First, thank you for your questions and feedback, much of which is about your positive experiences with our services and staff over the years. We hear you. Let’s begin with your #1 question.

  1. Why? Because together we can do more. By forming an alliance, the top two credit unions in the Capital Region can serve you better. Stronger together than on our own, we can create a sustainable alternative to powerful banks and digital disruptors. You will enjoy tangible benefits like expanded branch and ATM access, and online banking enhancements. And we will be able to make larger investments in staff, technology, and our community to preserve the credit union way of life for generations to come.

  2. When? We hope to receive regulatory approval soon, and that will allow us to proceed to a member vote as early as the end of April. You will have a 45-day window to vote, either by returning the paper ballot you will receive in the mail or by voting online. We want to make it easy for you and will be here to answer any questions you have. Learn more about the process.

  3. How? Teams from both credit unions would look at the financial solutions currently offered and choose the best ones to provide – meaning, the best for members. It’s that simple. You would have ongoing access to your accounts and see the same friendly people at your CAP COM branch.

We believe that excellent financial services and support must be at the heart of this new alliance. Our colleagues at SEFCU are 100% committed to the same. CAP COM’s Leadership Team and Board of Directors would continue serving you in the new organization, and we remain fully devoted to you.

Look for more updates in the weeks ahead, and you can visit for the latest information. Thank you for your interest and participation!


Christopher McKenna