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Our branches will be closed on Thursday, November 26, for Thanksgiving. Click here to learn more.

As we monitor health conditions in the Capital Region and adhere to official guidance, CAP COM may experience staff shortages. We appreciate your patience if you encounter longer wait times, or if your branch has shifted to drive-thru or appointment-only services. Please check back for the most up-to-date information.


Build Your Savings

Go ahead and start saving today for a vacation, an emergency fund, home improvements, or anything else on your wants-and-wishes list. With the digital banking tools at your fingertips, saving is easier than ever. Building your savings is so satisfying, you’ll be hooked!



Set Your Goal

Money Management is a powerful digital tool that’s built into your online account – and it’s free. Understand your full financial picture, set savings goals, and fine-tune your budgets. Alerts and reminders make it easy to stay on track and watch your savings grow. You can even get debt-payoff reminders, so you can free up even more money to save. To access Money Management, log in to your online account or launch CAP COM’s mobile app.



Save the Easy Way

Effortlessly build your savings by diverting a portion of your incoming deposit(s) to any CAP COM account you designate. ClickSWITCH is a secure, online tool that enables you to easily set up or switch your direct deposits to your CAP COM accounts. Once you set up direct deposits – such as payroll from your employer, Social Security payments, retirement income, etc. – your balance grows automatically!



Choose the Right Account

Just imagine: if you began saving $20 per week a year ago, you'd have $1,000+ by now. Give some thought to how much you want to save and get started by opening a Members’ Choice Account. You can name your account whatever you want – vacation, new roof, man cave, wardrobe – and access your money any time. As your balance grows, consider moving it to a higher-earning Money Market Account (with limited withdrawals/transfers). If you won't need your money for at least a year and want to earn even more, choose the iSave Certificate.



Make the Move

It’s easy to shift money between your CAP COM accounts to grow your savings. For example, after your payroll or other direct deposits arrive, consider moving some of those funds to your savings account. You can set the amount and frequency of your transfers (or specify one-time-only). To get started, log in to your online account and choose Move Money. Or, in the CAP COM mobile app, tap Transfers. Make adjustments anytime and turn your transfers on or off. Once you schedule your transfers, watch as your savings grows on its own.



Track Your Progress

Did you know you can track your progress as you build your savings with text and email notifications? To receive balance updates, log in to your online account and choose Alerts and Notifications (under Additional Services). Or, launch your CAP COM mobile app and under More go to Settings and Push Notifications. Be your own best coach and cheerleader, and celebrate your success along the way!