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iSave My Way

iSave My Way
Earn more while you save.

What’s so special about the iSave? It combines three features savers want.

First, you can open your iSave with just $100. Second, you can add funds whenever you want. Third and best of all – since the iSave Certificate delivers a great rate, you earn more!

Ready to get started? Go ahead and open your iSave and start saving today. Consider growing your savings with every paycheck by making deposits through payroll deductions.

To open your iSave certificate:

  • Click the "Open My Account" button below, or
  • Call (800) 634-2340 and we'll help you set it up, or
  • Visit any branch for face-to-face service.

*Annual Percentage Yield. APY is accurate as of today's date. Dividends are compounded daily and posted quarterly and fees and other conditions may reduce earnings. Penalties may apply for early withdrawal. Minimum to open and obtain APY is specified above.