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Lucky Savers is a special savings certificate that helps you grow your savings while giving you a chance to win monthly and quarterly cash prizes! Every $25 you save in your Lucky Savers certificate each month earns you an entry in the cash prize drawings (up to $250 per month for a maximum of 10 entries per month).

Extra Prizes for CAP COM Members!

Lucky Savers is a New York State-wide program with multiple participating credit unions. To make it even more exciting, we have enhanced the monthly and quarterly drawings with additional prizes exclusively for CAP COM Members!

How do I get started?

Opening a Lucky Savers certificate couldn't be easier! Just follow the link below to open your account online, or visit any CAP COM branch. To open a Lucky Savers certificate you must be a CAP COM Member, in good standing, and at least 18 years old or older. (Business and Trust Accounts do not qualify for Lucky Savers.)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Lucky Savers account is a prize-linked savings Certificate Account that offers you the chance to win prizes in addition to earning regular dividends. It requires a small opening deposit of $25 and allows unlimited number of deposits during the 12-month term.

The goal of the Lucky Savers Account is to foster a regular habit of saving. The more you save, the more opportunities you have to win. For every $25 deposit, you will earn one entry into the monthly and quarterly prize drawings. There is no minimum number of deposits required, but there is a maximum of 10 entries per month, per member.

Credit union employees and board members are not eligible to receive New York State central drawing prizes but can participate in the separate drawings set up exclusively for staff. Family members of staff can participate in the New York State central drawings IF they are not joint on the account with the staff or board/volunteer.

No. A member is limited to one account per person, per participating credit union. If a member has an account at more than one particapting credit union, the account they opened first will be the one for which they receive drawing entries. Members of the same household can have one Lucky Savers Account each, as long as they meet other eligibility requirements.

Yes. The Lucky Savers Account needs to be kept open for 12 months. There are penalties for early withdrawal.

Account holders can make one withdrawal during the 12-month certificate term for a $25 fee and must leave at least $25 in the account to keep it open. If a second withdrawal occurs, the account will be closed.

No, there are no monthly service fees for this account. Members must leave at least $25 in the account to keep it open. If the amount drops below $25, the account will be closed.

A member is limited to winning one central prize and one credit union prize per prize period. An individual member can win multiple times and in consecutive months/quarters.

Prize drawings will take place on or around the 14th of each month for deposits during the prior month. Winners will be notified by phone and email. Prize winnings will be deposited into the member’s regular share account by the end of the month.

Yes, each winner is responsible for reporting and paying applicable state and federal taxes for monthly and quarterly prizes. Credit unions are required to send a 1099 form to any member who wins an amount over $10.

The Lucky Savers certificate is set to automatically renew after 12 months but you will receive a letter in the mail that gives you a choice of either rolling over the entire amount or withdrawing all, or a portion of, the money. You can withdraw money and remain in the Lucky Savers program as long as you leave at least $25 in your account. Note: Members who have elected to receive eNotices can find their Certificate renewal documents in Connect-24 under the eStatements tab.

Actual odds of winning are based upon the number of eligible entries received. Each eligible entry has a chance of winning monthly and/or quarterly prizes equal to that of all other entries in the raffle.