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VISA Checkout

A safe, simple and easy way to check out online!

Visa Checkout

CAP COM and VISA Checkout make shopping online more enjoyable by making it easier to complete your purchase. Just enter your username and password at checkout and you’re finished. You can use it from any device, with either your CAP COM VISA credit or debit card, and, best of all, there is no need to re-enter your card number, name and address every time you shop!

Once you’ve created your VISA Checkout account, you can use it to shop quickly and easily at more than 100 popular online destinations. Just enter your username and password when you are finished shopping.


Enrolling is easy!

icon 1Pay the easier way

Use a single login from any device. Just one password to remember, and no need to re-enter card and shipping details at every visit.


icon 2Pay with confidence

Guard your data behind multiple layers of security. With VISA Checkout, you can click, pay and safely be on your way.


icon 3All the VISA benefits you love

Continue to enjoy all the same benefits you are used to with your CAP COM VISA.