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CAP COM Credit Cards get EMV Chip!

Visa EMV

CAP COM is excited to announce that all newly issued VISA Classic, Platinum and Business Credit Cards are now enabled with EMV Chip Technology. CAP COM will reissue Debit Cards in May.



Frequently Asked Questions about EMV

Your EMV-enabled card will have a new expiration date and CVV (three-digit code on the back). Take note of any automatic payments you make using your credit card, such as gym memberships or monthly subscriptions. You will need to update your card information with these merchants in order to prevent delays in payments once your new card arrives.

Current CAP COM VISA Credit Card holders will receive an EMV chip enabled card. If you do not receive your card by March 1, please call (518) 458-8986, (800) 634-2340.

Your new CAP COM VISA® Credit Card includes EMV (EuroPay, MasterCard and VISA) chip technology, giving you added protection against fraud. The small metallic square you see on the front of your new card encrypts information so transactions are more secure. This technology also makes it easier for you to use your VISA outside of the U.S.

Your current VISA credit card will be deactivated on or around 30 days after your new card arrives in the mail. Be sure to destroy the card properly to protect your information.

It’s important that you activate your new card as soon as possible so you don’t have any problems accessing your account. To activate the card call the number found on the activation sticker on the front of your new card. Remember to sign the back of the card and you are ready to start using it.

Yes, your current PIN will work with the new card. At any time you can select a new PIN. To change your PIN, just call (888) 886-0083.

Your PIN is not required for purchases, however if you use your new card at an ATM, a PIN will be required to complete the transaction as it is today.

Your account number will remain the same as your old card, but the expiration date and CVV (three-digit code on the back of the card) will change. If you have any merchants with which you have recurring charges (i.e. insurance premiums, gym memberships, monthly subscriptions) make sure you contact them and provide the new card information so you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted use of their services.

All of the features and benefits you currently have with your card will remain the same. We have just added the extra security to the card.

If a merchant can support the EMV chip, you simply insert your card into the terminal and follow the prompts you are given. Leave your card in the terminal until you complete your purchase. If a merchant has not yet made the upgrade to an EMV terminal, you’ll swipe your card and sign for your purchases as usual.

Merchants can still send credits to the old account number and these will post to your account.

The EMV chip generates a unique, one-time code every time you use your card, making it harder for your card information to be used to create a counterfeit card, the most prevalent type of fraud experienced in the United States. This is a great improvement over the security of traditional magnetic strip cards; however it is not fraud proof. Online purchases, where the EMV chip is not used for transactions, are still susceptible to fraud. Also, if your card is lost or stolen, it could be used to make a fraudulent purchase. As always, all transactions made with your card are protected by VISA’s Zero Liability Policy, so you are not liable for fraudulent charges.

Chip technology is already used in 130 countries, including Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Yes. If a chip fails to communicate properly, merchants may be able to process a transaction using the magnetic strip on the card. Typically, these transactions have more restrictive fraud rules. If you have problems with the chip, contact CAP COM immediately for a replacement card to ensure future transactions are protected.