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Beware of Fake Apps

Thursday, 26 January 2017 04:59
man holding coffee and cell phone


With your mobile device also comes access to millions of free and paid apps, all promising to deliver more value to your mobile experience. From entertainment and games to education and financial help, the applications give you access to information like never before.

But not all of them are safe to use. Just like a computer, your phone can be susceptible to viruses and hacks.

Malicious apps on both Apple's iOS and Google's Android have cropped up in popular marketplaces like Apple's App Store and Google Play. The apps can display annoying ads, install malware on your devices, and worst of all, take full control over your smartphone. Although both Apple and Android have protections against those kind of threats, some still slip through.


Whether you're on iOS or Android, follow these steps to stay safe on your mobile device:

1) Only Download Apps from Companies You Know

If you haven't heard of it, don't download it. The companies you already know will most likely offer safe apps. Sticking with companies you trust can help you keep your information secure.

2) Do Your Homework

If you don't know it, look it up. You can find a lot of information about a developer and app on the Internet. Take a second to find out more about the app developer and the program itself to ensure it is safe. If you still have a bad feeling, don't download the app.

3) Rely On Your Friends

Bad reviews = bad product. Check out what others have been saying to see if the app is as great as it seems. You can find out a lot from customer reviews – and it could even prevent you from downloading malicious software.

4) Use Anti-Malware Software

If you mistakenly download a malicious app, having anti-malware software could be critical. The software will determine whether the app can be trusted. If it thinks it's a threat, it'll block the app from running. Anti-malware software is critical to any mobile security plan.


If you have any questions or think you have been a victim of fraud, contact CAP COM at (518) 458-8986 or (800) 634-2340.