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Customize Your Online Banking Experience

Tuesday, 12 March 2019 12:00
man on tablet

Taking control of your finances is easy with online banking. You can log in to your account any time to view your balances, keep track of your spending, and manage your budgets and goals.

One little-known feature, known as a MICR number, enables you to customize your online banking experience in new ways.

Simplify! Under one member number, you can set up as many checking and savings accounts as you want, each with a unique MICR number.

Set It and Forget It. The unique MICR number associated with each account enables you to:

  • Distribute your paycheck to various accounts automatically. Direct your payroll deposit to as many accounts as you want – instead of having it come into one account, then making manual transfers. Your employer will need the MICR numbers.
  • Make payments effortlessly. Specify the MICR number of a loan for automated payments, instead of transferring money to your Savings or Checking Account first, then making the payment.

Money with Purpose. Set up spending or savings accounts for specific expenses or savings goals. This is the online version of the digital “envelopes” or “folders” some members have requested. This helps you set aside money for unique purposes.

Money of My Own. If you share a membership with another person in your household, you can create your own checking and savings accounts nested within one member number.

Name Your Accounts. Organize your finances with nicknames for your checking and savings accounts.

Where’s the MICR? You can find the 13-digit MICR number associated with each account by logging in to Connect-24 online banking, selecting an account, and clicking “Account Details.”