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End of Model Year Cars: Are They a Good Buy?

Wednesday, 19 October 2016 04:00
line of vehicles in a parking lot

It is that time of year again. The new model year cars are already in showrooms and the dealers are promoting sales on the leftover 2016 models. In a lot of cases, there are some good prices to be had on last year’s model cars. The trick is being able to identify the real value and determine what is best for you.

“To start, consider how long you intend to keep the vehicle,” said John DeRubertis, car buying expert at CAP COM. “If you keep a car five years or less, you are probably better off with a 2017 model, because the newer car will be worth more when it is time to trade it in. However, if you keep your car six years or more, buying the cheaper, but very similar, 2016 model makes sense.”

Make sure you compare any current dealer rebates on both models. Many of the new models also have rebates or will have rebates by late fall. Remember, rebates come from the manufacturer and should not be part of the negotiations with the dealer.

“Also, consider the new model’s features compared to those on the previous year’s model,” DeRubertis said. “Are there any major improvements? Is the body style similar? How do things like the gas mileage and safety ratings compare?” Do your homework and make sure to investigate details for both models with some online research before heading to a dealership.

Whether the previous year’s model is a better deal, depends a lot on your personal circumstances and if you are considering a lease it gets even more confusing. There really is no easy answer.


CAP COM’s car buying experts are here to help! Start by visiting Car Buyers Express. The site makes it easy to shop our Preferred Dealers or contact a CAP COM car buyer to discuss your personal situation. We are committed to making sure you have a convenient experience and you get your next car at a great price – whatever you decide to buy.