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What Are You Saving For?

Thursday, 01 March 2018 05:00

Put money away for a getaway, or another special purchase.

Do you want to save for something special like an amazing vacation, a brand new wardrobe, a state-of-the-art entertainment system -- or virtually anything else you can imagine? Or, would it make sense to put away money for a planned expense, or create a rainy-day fund? A Members' Choice Account is a popular way to grow your savings for virtually any purpose you can imagine -- and monitor your progress right alongside your other accounts. It’s easy to open your Members' Choice Account online to save time traveling to a branch, too. Here’s how.

How to Open Your Members' Choice Account

To create your Members' Choice Account log in to Connect-24 and follow the steps below.


1 Log in to your account in Connect-24.

2 Under “Additional Services,” select “Add an Account.”

3 Once you reach the application screen, again click “Add an Account.”

4 Follow the prompts to supply your information and add your Members' Choice Account (Savings).

Bonus. Once your account is added*, you can rename it whatever you want (example: Vacation). On your Account Summary, click “Settings” to rename it or re-order your accounts.


Log in to create your customized Members' Choice Account and start saving today!

*Processing a new account may be delayed if additional information is needed.