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What’s Your Password?

Thursday, 06 December 2018 13:00
changing a password on a laptop

Scammers will do anything to access your confidential information and accounts. Some of them even sell your data on the internet to the highest bidder! And, if criminals obtain your credentials for one account, they will try to use them on others.

Your passwords offer valuable protection. However, they can also offer access to the bad guys if you’re not careful. Unfortunately, many consumers give fraudsters a huge helping hand without even realizing it.

It’s tempting to use one password for different accounts because it’s easy to recall. But, this makes every account vulnerable to intrusion. Why risk your finances and identity?

Here are some tips to help you create and maintain strong passwords, and frustrate the scammers.

  • Do not use the same password for multiple accounts.
  • Make sure your passwords are long, containing at least eight characters.
  • Use a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  • Unusual phrases that you will remember make good passwords.
  • Do not recycle old passwords or use variations.

Practicing good password habits is easy and free. Invest in your online security by reviewing your current passwords and taking action to stay safe. After awhile, this will all be second nature.

See something? Say something. If you suspect you’ve been a victim of a scam or see suspicious activity on your account, contact CAP COM immediately at (800) 634-2340.