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VISA® Credit Card Features

Your VISA account information is centralized online, enabling you to easily view transactions and manage your credit card. To access your VISA account with your mobile device, see the visual tutorial on this page. Below is a guide to the features most commonly used by members.

Save with discounts from your favorite national brands: retailers, car rental companies, hotels, etc. Explore your discount offers here.

Platinum and Business VISA card holders also earn Rewards!, points that can be redeemed for cash back, travel, gift cards or merchandise. Enrollment is automatic.

Log into your VISA account through Connect-24 or via your mobile app. You will be directed to resources on, CAP COM’s partner. An account summary provides your balance, payment due, and credit line. To view your eStatement, click on “Activity and Statements.”

You may also modify your preferences by clicking on “E-Statement Options.” To go paperless, click the E-Statement option.

Members are watching their accounts more closely, in light of data breaches in the news and other criminal activity. Your online VISA account includes features to help you keep an eye on card activity.

Log into your VISA card account to easily set Transaction Alerts of card activity via text or email (by purchase amount or other criteria). You can even get reminders, so you never miss a payment. Under “Products and Services,” click on “Account Alerts.”

Make a payment to your VISA card by transferring funds from any CAP COM account through Connect-24 online banking. Or, log into your VISA card account, click “Payments” and “Pay Online.”

Savings add up when you move balances from high-interest-rate credit cards to CAP COM’s lower-rate VISA.

To transfer a balance, log into your VISA card account, click on “Products and Services,” then “Transfer a Balance.” Use this calculator to see how much you can save.

When you need additional purchasing power, request a credit increase online.

Log into your VISA card account and under “Products and Services,” click “Credit Limit Increase.”

Eliminate potential VISA card hiccups when traveling for business or pleasure. Notify us that you will be traveling by submitting a Travel Notification online. (Otherwise, any unusual, out-of-town VISA activity could be flagged as fraud, temporarily freezing your card.)

To add a Travel Notification, log into your VISA card account, click on “Customer Service,” then “Set a travel notification.”

VISA® Credit Card Management on a Mobile Device



Access Your Detailed Information

To access detailed information surrounding your VISA Credit Card, follow these three simple steps:

View Your Statements

To find your VISA Credit Card statements on your mobile device:

Submit Travel Notes or Transaction Disputes

To contact Customer Servie, add Travel Notes to your account, or submit Transaction Dispute: