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FinanceWorks FAQ

I've used this program before. What's new?
Can you help me add my Bank of America account?
I've never used this program before
How do I refresh my transactions to get the latest?
How can I see all my financial accounts here?
How do I download my transactions to a file on my computer?
How do my transactions get categorized?
How can I tell if I'm living within my means?
How do I split transactions?
How do I add my own categories?
How do I prevent my credit card charges from being double-counted?
What if I get duplicates of some transactions?
How do I put my transactions in check number order?
How do I set up my goals and budget?
How do I prepare for my taxes?
How do I edit, delete, or add upcoming transactions?
How do I set up alerts and reminders?
How do I add my paycheck?
What if I get irregular paychecks, split them into two accounts, or work two jobs?
What if an overdraft is predicted?
How do I change my What's Left account?
What if my financial institution includes pending transactions in the balance?
How do I categorize business transactions?
How do I see trends in my business and make a report?
What if I change my password at one of my outside financial institutions?
What should I do if I keep getting a Next Steps page?
Why are my payee names cut off, or why do I get generic payee names like CHECK?
What if I can't install Adobe Flash Player?
Troubleshooting a problem with adding an account (Error 101 Add or 101 Connect)
Troubleshooting a problem with adding an account (Error 102)