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Change to Check Hold Policy
Begins August 22, 2018


The number of scams targeting consumers has increased dramatically. Some of this fraud activity involves counterfeit checks. To address this concern, CAP COM has invested in staffing, training, and technology. Changes to the Check Hold Policy will also be instituted.

New Policy

Effective August 22, 2018, if you deposit or cash a check of $200 or less, you will receive the funds the same business day. For larger amounts, the funds will be available within 3-5 business days. See details below. (To view the Check Hold Policy that expires 08/21/18, click here.)

Check Hold Policy*
Effective 08/22/18




$200 All Same business day
More than $200 through $5,000 First $200 Same business day
Remaining through $5,000 3 business days
More than $5,000 First $200 Same business day
Through $5,000 3 business days
In excess of $5,000 5 business days
*The above policy applies whether the check is deposited via a mobile device, ATM, by mail, or at a branch. Longer delays may apply in certain circumstances. Saturdays are business days.


We understand the new policy may present challenges for some members, and appreciate your patience and cooperation. Remember, we are here to support you through this change. For assistance, please contact our Member Services team at (800) 634-2340.

Funds are still available the same day for these checks when deposited in a CAP COM branch:
Government checks, certified checks, U.S. Postal money orders, and checks drawn on CAP COM accounts.

3 Ways to Ease the Transition

Below are three ways to potentially speed up access to your check funds and avoid overdrafts.

number1  Direct Deposit. If you currently receive paper paychecks, ask your employer about getting direct deposit (not subject to check holds). Learn more.

number2  Mobile Deposit. Save time traveling to a branch or ATM by depositing checks with your mobile phone. See how.

number3  Overdraft Protection. Overdraft Protection can cover Checking Account shortfalls. Learn about three options.