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“Every time we walk into the branch we are treated like royalty!” Bernard, Guilderland.

Tell Everyone


While most people may not truly understand what being part of a top-rated credit union really means – you do! How do we help make your life a little easier? Let your friends and family members know about your unique CAP COM experience. And, if they decide to open an account, you could earn $20 for every referral! Every time a member you refer opens a savings product like a Certificate, iSave or Money Market Account, a Home Equity or a CAP COM VISA® Credit Card you'll be given $20!*

  1. Fill out the form on this page
  2. You’ll receive an email with your unique referral code
  3. Let your friends and family members know how much you love CAP COM
  4. Don’t forget to give them your referral code, so we know you sent them! (Forward the email you receive with your unique referral code if that is easiest for you!)

If someone uses your referral code, when they open their account, your account will be credited $20.

What is your story?
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*Referring member must be at least 18 years old. Existing CAP COM members cannot be new referred members. Eligible referrals must be new members who open one of the accounts or loans listed. Referring member's account must be in good standing. New members must present Member Referral Coupon when opening new account. Employees of CAP COM and its subsidiaries, its volunteers and their families are not eligible. Deposit made to Savings Account and may be reclaimed if the account is closed within 30 days of opening. IRS regulations may require that prizes/winnings be reported as income.