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As we monitor health conditions in the Capital Region and adhere to official guidance, CAP COM may experience staff shortages. We appreciate your patience if you encounter longer wait times, or if your branch has shifted to drive-thru or appointment-only services. Please check back for the most up-to-date information.

Protecting Member Accounts


CAP COM utilizes advanced fraud detection and prevention technologies to protect member accounts and sensitive data. Layers of safeguards, including advanced online protections, fraud monitoring around the clock, and surveillance by CAP COM security professionals, create a powerful defense online and off. Below are just a few of the many protections in place.

Account Monitoring

State-of-the-art software monitors member accounts for unusual activity and suspicious patterns, and flags questionable items for follow-up.

Multifactor Authentication

Authentication is a process that restricts account access to an authorized user. Multifactor authentication, a practice in place at CAP COM for many years, issues a number of challenges that only the true account holder should be able to answer. A one-time passcode is transmitted to the user via established contact information, increasing assurance that the user is legitimate. 


Lock warnings add another layer of account protection, requiring an additional, verbal password when a member performs transactions at a branch or over the telephone. Don’t have a lock on your account? Stop by a branch and ask about adding one.

Real-Time Text Alerts

To promote early fraud detection, CAP COM enables members to set notifications to receive text or email alerts about card and account activity (by purchase amount, or other criteria). Members are also advised to regularly log in and check their accounts, online or via the mobile app, and review their monthly statements for out-of-the-ordinary activity.

Card Surveillance

Card accounts are monitored 24/7 for suspicious or potentially fraudulent activity by a team of experienced security professionals. Advanced tools and technology guard Credit and Debit cards against unauthorized access and use.

Service and Support

Consider CAP COM your resource for account security and fraud-prevention guidance. If you see suspicious activity or have questions about security-related matters, please contact CAP COM immediately at (800) 634-2340. We are here to help!