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Security Alert: Capital One Breach

The personal information of more than 100 million Capital One credit card applicants has been stolen in a data breach.

In Brief

In one of the largest thefts of data from a financial institution, a hacker gained access to a server housing customer information. 140,000 Social Security numbers and 80,000 bank account numbers of consumers and small businesses were stolen. The impacted data is from applications dating back to 2005. For more information about this incident and Capital One’s response, see the bank’s overview and FAQs.

Important Note

Rest assured that in the unlikely event that unauthorized transactions appear on your CAP COM account, you are protected. CAP COM will continue to monitor this situation.

What to Do

Given the frequency of breaches and variety of cyber attacks and fraud attempts, keep a watchful eye for unauthorized account transactions. You can monitor your account by logging in to Connect-24 online banking at, or by using CAP COM’s mobile app.

If you are concerned about your account, consider:

  • Adding a verbal password to help CAP COM authenticate you as a valid account holder
  • Freezing your credit file to prevent unauthorized accounts being opened in your name

If you see suspicious activity on your account, or want help with the account security enhancements above, contact CAP COM at (800) 634-2340.

Account Protection by CAP COM

CAP COM utilizes advanced fraud detection and prevention technologies to protect member accounts and sensitive data. Layers of safeguards, including advanced online protections, fraud monitoring around the clock, and surveillance by CAP COM security professionals, create a powerful defense online and off.

Additional Resources

Visit our online Security Center for the latest Security Alerts, news, and tips from CAP COM, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and other reputable sources.