CSEA Heroes Home Solutions

A program built for the Essential Workers that make up CSEA. CSEA members and their families can access an array of affordable home loan solutions powered by CAP COM and Homeowners Advantage with three ways to save.


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What Would You Like to Do?

Purchase a Home

Get the support you need for this major purchase by keeping your mortgage team close to home. While you're house hunting, we'll handle the details.

More than Great Rates

  • $0 Down Payment Options
  • Unique Solutions Built for You
  • Community Heroes ($1,000 value)2
  • Local Experts, Personal Service

Refinance and Save

Lower your monthly mortgage payment, pay off your loan earlier, or maybe even both. When rates are low, refinance your mortgage.

Help Every Step of the Way

  • The Right Solution, Built for You
  • Simple Application Process
  • Cash-out Options

Pay for Large Expenses

Seeking a way to remodel, cover college tuition, pay off high-interest debt, or another big expense? Explore how to refinance or tap your home's equity.

Home Equity Line of Credit

  • Rare Fixed Rate or Variable
  • 100% Loan-to-Value Options
  • ZERO Closing Costs3
  • No Appraisal Fee 

Mortgage Solutions

Fixed-Rate Mortgage
Finance up to 97% of the purchase price (if qualified) and enjoy quick processing with same-day pre-qualification – if credit qualified. Flexible rates and terms are available.
Adjustable-Rate Mortgages
Payments may adjust up or down based on interest rate changes. Ideal if you will be in your home for about 10 years or less. Multiple options to fit your specific needs.
Financing options for investment and multi-family properties (up to 4-family units).

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100% Financing
If you have good credit but need money for a down payment and closing costs, consider 100% Financing. Fixed- and adjustable-rate options are available.
FHA Loan2
For first-time homebuyers with credit challenges, the FHA Loan offers a lower down payment. Sellers can provide up to 6% toward closing costs and pre-paid items.
VA Loan2
Eligible veterans can obtain up to 100% financing for owner-occupied properties (1-2 units). Sellers can provide up to 6% toward closing costs and pre-paid items.

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Construction End Loan
If you’re buying in a community and the builder doesn’t need cash during construction, this loan may be ideal. You can lock in the rate for up to 365 days.
USDA Rural Loan
This program finances up to 100% of the property's appraised value with no mortgage insurance. Sellers can provide up to 6% toward closing costs and pre-paid items.
Jumbo Loan
The Jumbo Loan features favorable rates, flexible terms, and dependable payments on purchases greater than $548,250.

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First-Time Home Buyer?

Buying a home can be a daunting task. The challenges of being a first-time home owner can be intimidating, particularly for people who are moving away from home, starting their careers and dealing with student loan debt. Here are a few guidelines to help take some of the stress out of your decision.

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Major Expense

Cover remodeling projects, college tuition, or another large expense with dependable payments you can budget.


Just in Case

Line up your HELOC for peace of mind. Withdraw money if you need to cover a major, unexpected cost.

Access to Money (Draw Period)

4 Years

10 Years

Years to Repay (Term)

5-20 Years

20 Years

Minimum Required



Loan to Home Value (LTV)

Up To 90%

Up To 100%

Intro Rate


As low as 1.99% for 12 months1

Zero Closing Costs

Say no to all those fees! When we say zero closing costs, we mean it.2

  • No fees for your HELOC application, appraisal, origination, mortgage tax, etc.
  • Borrow up to 100% of your home's appraised value
  • Rare fixed rate! Variable-rate option also available.
  • Repayment term: 5-20 years

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