Business Online Banking

Log in to your banking portal to manage your CAP COM business account.

View your business account balances at a glance and securely collect, disburse, and manage your funds.

  • Online banking or mobile app
  • Set permissions by user
  • Review account histories
  • Perform transactions
  • Deposit checks1

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Key Features Included

Additional features are also available: including balance transfer, security and protection, online statement images, delegate tasks and many more. 


Transfer funds (between CAP COM accounts); Pay loans and other bills; Query checks, stop payments; View balances, statements; Initiate debits and credits (ACH only)

Deposit Checks

Deposit checks electronically, No need to visit a branch, For low volumes: mobile deposit, For high volumes: desktop system


Set login permissions by user; Receive alerts on activity; View multiple business entities; Layered security; Virtual soft token (ACH only)

Business Mobile Deposit

Deposit checks into your CAP COM business account with your mobile phone — from any location 24/7. Business Mobile Deposit is ideal for businesses with modest check volume, or for accepting payments from any location.

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Your Digital Wallet

Tap and pay with your mobile phone at the checkout, anywhere Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay are accepted. Each digital wallet payment is securely transmitted with a unique, encrypted number or token (not your actual card number). 

Use Apple Pay to make purchases in stores, within apps, on the web, and during a conversation with a company in Business Chat.

How to Use Apple Pay

Experience faster, safer checkouts with every Google Pay purchase you make in apps and stores.

How to Use Google Pay

Earn cash back and get extra rewards when you use Samsung Pay for your purchases.

How To Use Samsung Pay

Bank on the Go

three mobile phones showing transactions

Keep tabs on your business accounts and perform transactions any time, anywhere.

Enjoy all the benefits of your online account, plus the convenience of depositing checks by phone.

Contact us and we’ll match you with the CAP COM mobile app that aligns with your business.


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Choose our Business VISA® for its low fixed rate, limits by user, and rewards to redeem for cash or purchases.

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1. May require additional equipment