Home Equity Line of Credit

Cover home projects and major expenses to enhance your life.

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A home equity line of credit (HELOC) lets you borrow money with your home as the "security deposit." Withdraw money as you need it, pay it back over time.

  • For a large planned expense or refinancing
  • Competitive fixed and variable interest rate options
  • Variable rates as low as 6.49%APR for 12 months
    and as low as  %APR thereafter1
  • Repayment period: Up to 25 years

Every HELOC we offer comes with ZERO closing costs and we mean it.2 None, nada, zilch – compare and save!

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Major Expense

Cover remodeling projects, college tuition, or another large expense with dependable payments you can budget.


Just in Case

Line up your HELOC for peace of mind. Withdraw money if you need to cover a major, unexpected cost.

Access to Money (Draw Period)

Access to Money (Draw Period) for Fixed-Rate

5 Years

Access to Money (Draw Period) for Variable-Rate

10 Years

Years to Repay (Term)

Years to Repay (Term) for Fixed-Rate

Up to 20 Years

Years to Repay (Term) for Variable-Rate

25 Years

Minimum Required

Minimum Required for Fixed-Rate


Minimum Required for Variable-Rate


Loan to Home Value (LTV)

Loan to Home Value (LTV) for Fixed-Rate

Up To 90%

Loan to Home Value (LTV) for Variable-Rate

Up To 90%

Intro Rate

Intro Rate for Fixed-Rate


Intro Rate for Variable-Rate

Variable rates as low as 6.49%APR for 12 months and 
as low as  %APR thereafter1

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Zero Closing Costs

Say no to all those fees! When we say zero closing costs, we mean it.2

  • No fees for your HELOC application, appraisal, origination, mortgage tax, etc.
  • Borrow up to 90% of your home's appraised value
  • Fixed and variable-rate options available
  • Repayment term: Up to 25 years

Should I Refinance?

See how much you can reduce your monthly payments by refinancing the mortgage or home equity loan you already have.

  • Compare our rates to your loan's rate
  • Mortgages from any provider are eligible
  • Refinance existing home equity loans up to $500,000 

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Instead of overpaying for insurance, keep it for yourself. Visit our online insurance shopper to see if you can save!3

  • One application, multiple quotes
  • Home, auto, and life
  • Affordable payments

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Money Management

  1. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. All rates quoted are the lowest available rates. Actual interest rate will be based on overall creditworthiness. Other rates and terms available. The APR will be set when the application is submitted and will be indicated on the loan agreement.  Variable rates may increase over time. Rates are accurate as of 9/21/2023 and are subject to change without notice. Fixed Rate Home Equity Line of Credit: A 5-year draw period is included in the 10, 15, or 20 year repayment term. During the 5-year draw period, payments are interest only. After this period, payments will convert to principal and interest calculated for the remaining years in the repayment term. Loan payment example for a $50,000 loan at 6.75% for 15 years - Interest only payment would be approximately $286.64 a month for the first 5 years. The principal and interest payment would be $575.24 a month calculated over the remaining term of 10 years. Variable Rate Home Equity Line of Credit: Loan payment example for a $50,000 loan at 7.75% for 25 years would be approximately $377.66 a month. Intro rate effective for first 12 months. Rate is subject to adjustment annually and the first variable rate adjustment will occur one year from the loan funding date. After the intro rate, standard APR will be equal to the Prime Rate minus 0.50% and have a maximum APR of 14.90%. The floor rate will be set when the application is submitted, will be in effect for the life of the loan, and will be indicated on the loan agreement.

    All Lines of Credit require a minimum limit of $10,000 and are available in New York State and Pennsylvania counties of Susquehanna, Bradford or Wyoming. Broadview FCU NMLS Identifier: 458314. Broadview membership is required.

  2. All loans are subject to creditworthiness. Title insurance may be required and is paid by the borrower. Closing costs paid by Broadview, on behalf of the borrower, will be paid on loan amounts up to and including $250,000 and will be added to the payoff amount of the loan if the home equity is paid and closed within three years of loan closing. The most common amounts for closing costs are estimated between $0 and $6,500 but depending on location and other factors it could be higher or lower. For loan amounts greater than $250,000, or total combined Broadview home equity loans exceeding $250,000, all closing costs will be paid by the borrowers at the time of closing. The product is available for members whose owner-occupied primary residence is in New York State or Pennsylvania counties of Susquehanna, Bradford, or Wyoming.

  3. Insurance products offered through Broadview Insurance Agency a wholly owned subsidiary of Broadview Federal Credit Union. Any insurance required as a condition of an extension of credit by CAP COM Federal Credit Union a division of Broadview FCU is not required to be purchased from Broadview Insurance Agency and can be purchased from an agent or insurance company of the individual’s choice. Business conducted with Broadview Insurance Agency is separate and distinct from any business with CAP COM Federal Credit Union a division of Broadview FCU. Broadview FCU is not responsible for products and services purchased through Broadview Insurance Agency. Broadview FCU does not warrant, guarantee or insure any service or product offered by any insurance company.

  4. For a complete list of credit union loan originator NMLS numbers, click here.