Checking Line of Credit

Overdraft protection and extra money in a jam.

Caught with no money in your CAP COM Checking Account? Your bills are still covered if you have a credit line for your account.   

You can also tap into your line of credit for immediate cash flow needs. 

That’s because a Checking Line of Credit is a short-term personal loan that can be used for whatever you need – a safety net for overdrafts or cash advances up to $5,000.

Rates as low as  % APR1 

Apply Online

Do it yourself in online banking or call (800) 634-2340.


Peace of Mind

If your Checking Account balance goes below $0, your credit line transfers money to cover the gap.

Instant Cash

Set up your credit line today, so you can access cash to cover the unexpected.


There are no fees. Instead, you repay the money advanced to you with interest (like a credit card).

Other Overdraft Options

For more information about your overdraft options, visit any branch or call us at (800) 634­-2340.

Overdrafts are covered for a fee. New members in good standing automatically receive this benefit after 60 days.

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If your Checking Account is about to be overdrawn, a transfer is made from your Savings Account to your Checking Account for a nominal fee.

How to Sign Up

  1. APR = Annual Percentage Rate. Variable rates may increase over time.