Business Security and Fraud

Committed to your online banking security.

System breaches, data theft, reputational fallout, financial ruin. Every day presents fresh opportunities for criminals and potential threats to your business.

What steps can you take to protect your business? Adopting best practices and working with trusted partners can go a long way. Explore this page for resources and tips.

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Protect Your Finances

Seek out a business banking platform that offers layers of security features for your accounts. At the minimum, look for:

  • Administrative controls to restrict access
  • Ability to designate permissions by user
  • 24/7 fraud monitoring, blocking suspicious activity
  • Online bill pay and statements
  • Access to a trained support team for guidance

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Employees & Fraud

Many people, let alone employees, don't know how to avoid scams. Develop policies and guidelines to protect your business:

  • Employee education: detect fraud, what to do
  • Establish individual employee user accounts
  • Limit access to financial information by user
  • Block unnecessary or high-risk websites
  • Review or reconcile accounts online daily

See 5 Data Security Best Practices, a series of checklists for implementing your security plan step-by-step.

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If You're A Victim

If you suspect criminal activity impacting your financial accounts, here's what you can do.

If you bank with CAP COM and get a suspicious account-related email, forward it to:

Doesn't Feel Right?

Shane Shoemaker, Director of Financial Crimes, talks about how to avoid fraud by trusting your instincts and leaning on the experts for assistance.

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Administer logins for each employee and tailor access permissions for user.

Business Online Banking

Protect yourself against fraud; Turn off your card temporarily; Set limits on spending; Monitor purchases with real-time alerts

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